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What you're looking for is commonly referred to as a broad form liability policy. This will provide liability coverage on any vehicle that fits within the definitions of the policy. Since most states, however, adhere to the "insurance follows the vehicle" rule, your policy would more than likely be considered secondary or "excess" coverage in the event that you got into a wreck.

Just in case you're not aware, this means that the owner's insurance coverage will normally provide for "permissive use" of the vehicle. For example, if you were to drive your friend's car, his car insurance would cover your use of the vehicle as long as you had permission to use it. The broad form coverage would apply to things like rental cars, if the non owned auto wasn't insured (say your friend who loaned you his car didn't have insurance), and like I said, as secondary coverage in the event the insurance on the car you drove wasn't enough.

So relax, get a insurance quote today, people call and ask, I don't own a car, can I get insurance for my drivers license and the answer is yes! Huff insurance has been providing insurance in Vancouver Washington since 1948!



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