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While hurricanes aren't something we have to worry about here in the Pacific Northwest, it is important to remember that natural disasters can cause serious property damage. Don't let yourself be caught with consequences! Review your insurance premiums today. Story by Insurance Information Institute READ MORE >>

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In 2012, Oregon held the #2 spot for highest number of acres burned in national wildfires. 1,256,049 acres were burned in Oregon in 2012. Washington sat in the #12 spot with 259,526 acres burned. While wildfires are less frequent than many states, the dense foliage in our incredibly green area causes serious destruction from the rapid spread when one does hit. READ MORE >>

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Story by: Christine Barlow, FC&S Online. Recently a woman in New York filed suit against a pet store because the dog she purchased suffers various medical complaints. READ MORE >>

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Story by Diana Reitz, FC&S Online NU’s Mark E. Ruquet reported recently on a J.D. Power and Associates survey about overall satisfaction among auto-insurance consumers. The good news was that consumer satisfaction was the highest since J. READ MORE >>

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Here is the list of the most popular cars stolen in Washington State                     Check your your State? or answer the question below! READ MORE >>

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                                         from Dave Ramsey 14 May 2010

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